domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

feat in SAUNA W/

Here and now you can know more about SAUNA W/, the first fanzine about my personal work, thanks to Luis Dourado, he´s the editor. I meet him some summers ago around River Spree in Berlin during my last day in the city, three years later he invited me to be part of this amazing project.

SAUNA W/ magazine, a SAUNA project, a transversal and unarmed journey through creativity and creation, through the author and his experience, through the method and the process. Trying to go deeper and discover artists life histories and what led them to do what they actually do, SAUNA W/ invites them, individually, to “Disrobe”, “Recline” and Sweat with their own work on a symbolic sauna session to be released in periodical issues, each one dedicated to an author.


Intrigued about his past, his roots and first steps, his methods and schedules, about why he tied Daniel Bruhl´s hands in plastic to shoot his portrait, how he met Amanda Lepore in her private life or shot Sophia Lamar in the streets of New York, SAUNA invited César Segarra, one of the most sui generis “new-gen” international fashion photographers, to invade the pages of the first issue of SAUNA W/ and show us what “real life” is all about.

While looking at César Segarra´s work, it´s not unusual to experience that bizarre-dreamy-odd-great feeling which hides inside an amazing fashion photography portfolio. A certain whimsical and strange touch is always present, not only because of the regular invitations to peculiar and unusual models but also due to the unique art direction lead by the photographer: experimental and without restrains.

Barcelona based and almost raised, César Segarra has been autonomously tracing his own path, never sticking to what he was taught, guiding himself naturally and intuitively. Floating through cities such as Berlin, London, Paris or New York, he moves around meeting people, taking portraits, working with close friends, fashion designers, musicians, artists, editors, having fun and making his work based on his lifestyle. By taking a chance on an alternative course, the photographer explores his surroundings freely without being afraid to improvise with the reality around him. With his feet in the present and his talent and intuition directing his future, the Spanish photographer mixes work routines with his own experiments, enjoying their dialogue, crossing their paths, merging fashion, work and life, resulting in photography that spreads and breaks boundaries between the commissioned, the professional, the emotional and the personal.

César Segarra´s portfolio goes beyond fashion photography, compiling and revealing moments from the author´s past, a selected and hidden visual diary to be “read” by curious eyes.

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